What to switch off at home when you go on holiday

Heading off on a well-deserved break? The last things you want to be worrying are whether you forgot to set the burglar alarm, turn off the water, or will be returning home to a catastrophe zone.

Follow our guide to switching off appliances and make sure you’re able to properly switch off, and aren’t coming back to a nasty surprise...

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The Blands

Toddler-friendly Summer holiday

Taking a child who is definitely operating in toddler rather than baby mode on holiday brings with it whole new set of challenges!

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Alys Fowler

Getting the best out of your flowering plants

Summer is here and she’s being kind so far and everything is growing fast. A well-timed chop back now can persuade Spring flowering species to have another go.

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Tasty smoothie recipes

With summer around the corner boost your vitamin C intake with four simple but tasty smoothie recipes from marvelJes.

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Alys Fowler

Late August gardening

As August draws to a close thoughts turn to how to keep your garden in good order. Follow Alys' top tips on how to make the best of your garden this month.

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Skint Dad

Creating a Summer Scrapbook

Summer days can be long, but without even realising it, it will soon be September and back to school again. All the memories made will be forgotten in no time at all. To make the memories last longer you can try scrapbooking to capture those precious moments. What's more you'll be able to look back on them year after year. 

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Skint Dad

School's out for summer

School’s out, so now what? With a good six weeks to fill over the summer holidays, take a read of Skint Dad's ideas for a fun filled summer.

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