Valentine's Day


Valentines in a rush? - Find the little things you can do, fast!

Take our quiz and get some quick Valentines inspiration to give your loved one the perfect Valentine’s Day! 

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The Blands

There's enough love to go around

'The cup of love as a mother may runneth over but it’s not finite.' This Valentine's Day Rachael's celebrating with two very special men in her life.

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Skint Dad

Six ways to enjoy Valentine's Day as a family

Flowers may either get knocked out of the vase or played with. The chocolates get eaten without you getting a look in. And that nice restaurant? Children as chaperones doesn’t really set the mood!

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Alys Fowler

The language of flowers

'Light footed lads and rose lipped girls of the Victorian era could be found consulting pretty little dictionaries as they examined posies of flowers or floral gifts to decipher their hidden meaning.' Out of Africa, 1986.

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Sarah Hazelwood

Goodbye Valentine's Day. Hello Honmei.

In Japan Valentine’s Day is celebrated in a very unique style. Read on to discover how to woo that special someone in your life Japanese style.

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Stefan Ram

Valentine's Day at HomeServe

Love was in the air at HomeServe this week, take a look behind the scenes to see what we got up to.

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The Blands

Mummy knows best

In the run up to Valentine's Day Steve pays tribute to Rachael and all the mums out there.

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