Fun stuff

Meet Pepper the Pug!

To celebrate bring your pet to work day, we wanted to introduce you to Pepper the Pug who works in our London offices as part of our team at HomeServe Connect.

First off, it's only right we kick things off with a little introduction into Pepper and her playful nature!

Then, it's time to head to the offices. After a nice brisk walk through London, some adventures on the Underground and arrival at Kings Cross, Pepper makes her way into the office.

Just in time for her first meeting. Pepper catches up with Franchise Marketing Director, Sarah, to discuss her performance in the previous weeks as well as our People and Dog Promises.

After back to back meetings, it's time to stretch her legs with a little walk around the office and play with the rest of the team.

What better way to end the day than with a rest next to your favourite dog bowl? Hopefully no-one knows that she's been skipping work!