Customer Promises

Effortless Customer service is what we’re all about at HomeServe and our promises define how we provide it.

At HomeServe, our ethos is simple. Whatever part of the business we work in, we all work to deliver effortless home assistance to each and every one of our Customers. This isn’t just something we say either. Each and every one of us lives by our Customer Promises to ensure we get things right.

Our Customer Promises provide us with a clear vision and set of values that have been embedded across the business. What does this mean in reality? Let’s start from the beginning and explain how we bring our promises to life. 

  • Before a Customer joins we make it clear what they’re buying and what it will do for them. It makes sense to be transparent about our service so we are. From policy documents, to pricing we make it clear what an individual is signing up for.

  • When a Customer decides to join us we tell them how much they’re paying, what that buys them and how to make a claim. You’d want to know that wouldn’t you?

  • When a Customer becomes a member, we’ll make life easy for them. Makes sense right?

  • When a Customer makes a claim we’ll solve their problem quickly and easily. Their emergency is our emergency, it’s that simple.

  • If for some reason a Customer isn’t happy we’ll say sorry and put things right wherever we can, as soon as we can.

By following these simple steps we really do everything we possibly can to put our Customers First.