Our Culture

Creating a fun, happy, collaborative culture is something we work hard to achieve at HomeServe.

What's our culture really like? You can expect lots of fun in your role from day one; that goes without saying. Whilst we work hard to build a service our Customers can rely on, we don’t forget the People that make it happen.  

We love to have a good time and let our hair down. Here’s a sneak peek at just some of the awesome things we do that make HomeServe more than just the place you work.

We love to dress up as zombies at Halloween, who doesn’t?  

buzz zombies HomeServe

 We also enjoy a good fairground ride or two!

               Halloween 3        Light Ride

Charitable causes are close to our hearts and over the years we’ve supported lots of good causes such as Red Nose Day.  

 Red Nose Day 2  Red Nose Day

Our leaders lead from the front and our CEO and CMO are no exception. Affectionately known as our Chief Marketing Dude, our CMO is the first to get involved and is always up for a challenge including having his legs waxed! And that’s not all, you can expect to find our other senior leaders having fun, keeping us amused and you might even spot our CEO taking calls for Red Nose Day.  

 super ted  Greg's legs  Bag race  

So you see our People are our passion. We truly want everyone to be happy and motivated in what they do at HomeServe. By keeping our People promises, leading by example and bringing everything together through our values we truly have a business we can be proud of.  

Together, we take care of it!