Our People Promises

HomeServe is a business built on offering effortless Customer service. The people we serve and our Customers are without a doubt our number one focus.

Whether based in Marketing, Customer Care or in our network, our People all have one thing in common. They are immersed into a culture where everyone has a part to play from day one. Everyone is given real responsibility and the freedom to make a difference to help us reach our effortless 20/20 strategy.  As a business we’re all working to one goal and that is quite simply to be, and be recognised as, the UK’s leading home assistance company.

To help us work towards our 20/20 strategy, it was important for us to create our People Promises. In the same way as we defined our Customer Promises, this allowed us to reinforce our commitment to our colleagues and it gives us a defined framework, with a clear vision and values that we all live by. 

Together we’ve developed an open, engaged culture where everyone has an equal voice and the opportunity to get involved. Our People Promises were agreed with colleagues from across the business and they play a firm part in our culture.  Let’s take a closer look at them so you know what we’re all about.

We Dare To Care

  • We are passionate about our People, our Customers and our Communities. 

Do The Right Thing

  • We treat our People fairly; we have a diverse, inclusive and safe environment in which we can all be proud to work.

Own It

  • We enable and empower our People to take control and be part of the solution.

Always Improve

  • We are relentless; we never stop trying to make it simpler and better. We love to learn.

Win Together; Trust Each Other

  • We work as one to get it right.